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Angelina Hesse

A Cool Site from Eastern Illinois University with Bios

An Old Nat Geo Article about Women Scientists Being Overlooked


Sally Ride

Jeannie Leavitt


Personal Filterpret

I have practiced and learned Martial Arts for years. In my early days I learned and used a form of 18 Lohan Hands/Palms to warm up. After I stopped and restarted several times this warm up was lost in the mist of youth. About 2 years ago when I began to seriously practice again, I re-looked at the 18 Lohan Hands form and chose not to use it. During the interim, I have learned several more traditional western workout styles and techniques. About 2 months ago, I was introduced to a form of starting your workout and/or day that I immediately knew was right for me. Here’s where the funny part of introspection comes into play.

Yesterday I was looking at other ways to get a better start on the day, including diet and qigong, and stumbled across a more traditional style of the 18 Lohan Hands Form. Turns out, everything I was doing in my western morning routine is done in the Form and in many ways done better! After starting today with my new/old found routine, I am reminded of how we all change with and filterpret our lives based on that particular moment of time and where we find ourselves along our life path.

Why Perspective and Open-Mindedness Matter in Science

Quantum  Mechanics Done Right? – This article in Wired (originally from Quanta) talks about another theory of how quantum mechanics functions. While it seems a dubious theory, I was disappointed to read that others who challenge the orthodoxy of current theory are attacked and denied funding for their ideas. In science of all places it has to be OK to let others explore alternative and opposing theories without risking a career in the sciences. How do we know we are correct, if no one is working to refute or disprove the current theory!


This recent study on how to move Pryamid blocks is getting a lot of press. The live near the end is a great example of filterpreting “Egyptologists had been interpreting the water as part of a purification ritual, and had never sought a scientific explanation.”


2 Weeks of Cool Tech

Productive Standing Around from Wash U

Cool New Battery Tech

Tunneling Quantum Particles

Pretty Heady Claim that Matter will be Created from Light within the Year

Mindfulness and ADD/ADHD





University Tuition

Here is an interesting take on the 3 decade long exponential increase in University tuition in the US. I think the author is on to something, unfortunately, I also think it’s not so clear-cut. In the last few years, the amount state governments put toward their University systems has definitely exacerbated the problem. Additionally, many students don’t think of University as a must to be counted in the haves. They view it as their own option to potentially avoid being in the have notes. Nor does the article take into account the never ending drive to build new buildings and enlarge endowment.

A coupe of key quotes from the article to make you think.

“Everyone in the age of inequality knows that the purpose of a college education isn’t to benefit the nation; it’s to give the private individual a shot at achieving a High Net Worth.”

“Agreeing upon that, everyone from state legislators to the Secretary of Education naturally began to ask, Why should I pay for someone else to get rich? Those people need to foot the bill themselves.”

“Werth quoted an administrator from Lehigh University who put the new philosophy succinctly: “If it’s going to be a world of haves and have-nots, we sure intend to be among the haves.”

Thoughts on Tech and Women

Forgot to post this lat week!

The recent news that Google and Amazon are vasty white and male should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. I though this news combined with a few other articles would be worth a look.

Arthur Chu does a great job of looking at why nerds/geeks need to stop thinking they can “win” women or that someone women are owed to them if they are successful.

This piece about the type of men drawn to Seattle by Amazon (and also originally San Fran) is also worth a look.

Interesting Reading for Your Day Off Work

This article about the Supreme Court changing the wording of their decisions and refusing to make final versions publican a timely manner in extremely frightening.

And on the more awesome side of life, this article on the science of Bruce Lee’s 1 inch punch is a great read.




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