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NASA Space Suit Selection

For anyone who ever dreamed of being in space, here is a cool opportunity to pick NASA’ next space suit.

Best Critique Yet

This critique by Jennifer Lee is one of the best, if not the best, quick critique of the horrible book Triple Package. The overly simplistic way in which Triple Package looks at “cultural qualities”, not only harms all those with “bad” cultural qualities, but also continues to confine “Asians” to this tight box of what is acceptable for “Asians; to achieve. I think we need to have every individual from every cultural background more in tune with following their dream and their true skill-set and not the money.

This video I watched this video on Upworthy is also a great take on this idea of “Asianness”

Sharing Humanity

This goes well with my post of a month ago. I have been working feverishly to move our non-profit EMC2 the World – Globalwise Communities off the ground the last month. In every discussion we have about our organization and programs we talk about recognizing shared humanity and not dehumanizing those whom are different from us. This article I read in today about why and how we dehumanize others is a must read about why this is such a vital topic. Talking about diversity, inclusion, social justice, awareness and global competence is not enough if we don’t do anything to overcome this type dehumanization.

The only area I disagree with the author is on the mix of recognizing the mind versus empathy.  In my experience sometimes recognizing the mind of another is not enough to overcome the us/them fact of human existence. Sometimes we need to feel an emotional connection, to be able to genuinely put ourselves in the others parties emotional shoes or have a shared experience that bonds us. Overall I am glad to have read this snippet from the book Mindwise by Nicholas Epley.

Learning Intolerance

I like this little piece at Salon about kids learning intolerance. This is well worth the read. As I read this two points struck me that are worth sharing. First, this is another in a long line of examples that kids learn from their environment as much or more than what they are specifically taught. They do what they see their parents doing, not what they are being told to learn. Modeling a behavior is so much more powerful than giving it lip service (in both negative and motive contexts). Second, we know adults can unlearn many of these traits. However, it is exponentially harder the more ingrained these traits become. That is why schooling age 3-8 is really the most important time for a family to put all hands on deck!

Plants and Quantum Entanglement, COOL!

Good write-up of a new study here at i09. Basically plants may actually transfer energy during photosynthesis by quantum entanglement between two atoms!

Gay Marriage is About Freedom of Religion

This wonderful article by Miles Kimball at Quartz highlights how Gay Marriage is all about Freedom of Religion, just not in the way you hear about it typically. If we truly believe in religious pluralism and freedom of religion in our country, then we should not let our religious tenants restrict others from following their believes. We can disagree with them and we can choose not to participate, but it is nothing more than a bias to try and restrict marriage based on one set of beliefs only.




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