HK Pay Attention

We are witnessing another organic outpouring of frustration and hope in Hong Kong right now. Pay attention!!! Is it too much to hope for a peaceful outcome? That the PRC government will recognize that this is the will of the people? Or can we anti pate another violent crushing of the everyday person under the auspices of law and order?


My heart and spirit go out to those in HK expressing themselves in the only way left to them. #umbrellarevolution

Anthropocebo Effect

This quick post on i09 raises a great question. Does our belief in a good or bad outcome help create that outcome on a more macro scale, such as our environment? Professor Jennifer Jacquet believes it does and I for one concur. Your outlook is always a contributing factor into the success of an endeavor. In the case of the environment or politics a negative, nothing I do matters attitude is a large contributing factor to the system not changing or even worsening. Obviously, it cannot be the only factor, as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of factors that go in to creating these large macro level problems we are facing in 2014. Yet, science and many a religion have proven the idea that one’s believe in an outcome has a huge impact on creating that exact outcome.

This Week’s Sweet Science

Black Hole Weirdness 

NASA Origami Solar

Awesome VR Glasses


More Quantum Fun

For those who can make heads or tails, more interesting theories on the structure of how the universes works here.

Worth Reading

Wired has this new series of articles on the nature of perception. The first one about Movies and Entertaining Your Brain is interesting. I would like to see studies like this done across cultural, gender and educational differences to see if the outcomes are maintained.

Positive Filterpreting

It’s been pointed several times recently, and rightly so, that most of my posts about filterpreting are negative or based on negative aspects of life. In recognition of the fact that there are many positive aspects to filterpreting I plan on bringing at least positive post a week.

Last week a high school classmate posted this on FB.  “I was trying to decide whether or not to go for a run tonight…and then I came across this piece I wrote almost 11 years ago:  (FYI, if you don’t know me the context may catch you off-guard, but the kernel is all-encompassing).

…I’m going for a run.   :-)”

This wonderful human ability to see the best even in the darkest situations is part of what makes us special! Nealie’s filterpreting was a must to move on and make the best of what life had dished out. Not only has she made the best of that situation, she is living her life to the fullest! When we pass information through our personally created filters and simultaneously interpret the data based on these same self-created standards, we choose what type of person we are and will become. Are We hateful? Are We Happy? Do we make each day count?

Positivity is a key differentiator in how people filterpret their environment. I think it’s the most important!

Tracy Clark-Flory provides a good counterpoint to Susan Patton’s harmful messaging.




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