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What a Difference a Decade makes

I read this article in the Guardian “Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?” In it they lay out the fact that nearly a third of Japanese under 30 have never dated. Additionally, a study by the JFPA quoted in the article found almost half of woman 16-24, and 25% of the men in the same age category, had no interest in sex.

Two parts of this article caught my attention. First, the idea that the push by the political establishment to increase child-birth is actually having the opposite impact. Second, only 8 years ago another article in the Guardian talks about the worry that Japanese teens were overly promiscuous.  To quote “A recent survey found nearly 40% of senior high school students aged 15 to 18 have had sex. Nearly half of 17-year-old girls have had sex, compared with 17% in 1990.”.

Overall, I would say this is a great example of how one generation or gender can filterpret the data they are provided. I see this as an out of touch, older, mostly male generation misunderstanding and overreacting to social changes and creating a slew of unintended consequences.

Apt Comparison

In minute 4 of this clip, John Stewart has a wonderful comparison of the GOP current behavior and one of the best scenes from The Jerk.

Weekly Filterpret for Your Brain

Since I seem so time crushed recently I am combining many interesting articles and events into one post this weekend.

Harvard Business School Gender Equity Experiment. This very lengthy and well done article, brings up so much it is actually impossible to cover in a short blog post. The key here is to look at the assumptions both the students and the teachers have about the female gender and how these assumptions impact success. While the formula may not yet be perfect at Harvard, they are to be commended for trying and achieving some success.

Is Elon Musk really Tony Stark Come to Life? Probably not, but here is another example of how he and his ideas may be changing the world.

3D Printed Stealth Cloak. Wow, cool yet completely not useful to most if us. One can only dream of what we can do when these are very daily use. Can we get one of these to stop the NSA from not (nudge, wink) reading all of our e-mails?

The Battle of the Who really Cares Products.  Smart watches may seem captivating, but based on the early reviews, they are pretty paltry fare right now.  I think I will sit this one out until they are a little more integrated with my phone and useful for my daily routine.

Apple Labor Violations. Apple should maybe get the hint that with nearly $150 billion of cash, being one of the largest companies on the planet, and a record-setting stock value, they have a big target on their back. A target that is deserved. After all the previous labor violations in China, and their yearly astronomical profits, the public does not want to hear, “We are looking into it”. We want you to use your innovative Apple thinking and supply chain and make sure it never happens. 12 hours of standing with only 1 break? Unsafe work conditions? Forced overtime? These things are only missed if you aren’t really looking.

Wonder Woman Movie

Interesting article out of Time magazine online a few days ago about why we don’t have a Wonder Woman movie yet.  One of the arguments it makes is that the expectations may be too high for this movie to ever succeed.

Speculation on this topic has been ripe since  DC Entertainment Chief Diane Nelson gave an interview to the Hollywood reporter on the topic. One of her reasons for the trouble with a Wonder Woman movie was, “She doesn’t have the single, clear, compelling story that everyone knows and recognizes. There are lots of facets to Wonder Woman, and I think the key is, how do you get the right facet for that right medium? What you do in TV has to be different than what you do in features…We are still trying right now, but she’s tricky.”

A Fox News (yes I know I am quoting Fox news of all sources)  article  may hit closer to the truth when it says Wonder Woman’s outfit may be outdated and a hard sell for men.

My opinion is this: When you are convinced something will not work or succeed, you subconsciously create a situation to prove yourself right. Companies do this all the time, Time Warner is no different. They probably a stream of data showing how a Wonder Woman movie will not be as successful as all the “better” known male characters from the DC Universe.  Yet these numbers are predicated on research and questions, both of which can be easily skewed. The type and working of questions can easily throw off  potential audiences into saying they aren’t interested, and the type of audience you research can be equally misleading. We have sen the last few years the large studios unwilling to take real risks with their movies. That is what is happening to Wonder Woman. The “apparent” risk is too high and they are unwilling to think outside the box and be open to the fact a Wonder Woman movie would be hugely successful is sold and marketed correctly.

Interesting Reads from Vacation

Here are some articles I found while on vacation.

Reading and Old Age. Apparently there is a connection between reading and memory in older adults.

Human Wi-Fi Tracking.

Thomas Jefferson the Control Freak. It’s interesting how often those we hold up as models for society demonstrate the very traits we try to eliminate for the population at large. How many of our “modern” business and political idols share such traits?

On the scary side! Overzealous fully armored law enforcement.

Standard bedtime MAY improve test scores for kids. 

Another Proud Day in the Missouri Legislature

Do these people (insert appropriate expletive) really represent the majority of Missourians? This is a question I find myself asking almost daily!

First, I hear our inspired State House has passed a clearly unconstitutional bill blocking enforcement of federal firearm laws. Then to add insult to injury I read this article as I am trying to research the first bill. SO, many on the right in our state say they do not want the government to interfere with private rights, yet they feel it is ok to tell a property owner they cannot ban guns on their property.

Now, I understand the intent is to say a person can have their firearm in the car while on a businesses property. The bill also does limit liability for these business owners. However, it is still hypocritical to enforce one group of citizens rights over another. IT IS STILL the government stepping in and dictating what you can do on your property. IF these same legislators weren’t so opposed to items such as smoking bans INSIDE a business property then maybe it would not appear so hypocritically. In fact, legislation has been introduced to punish counties and municipalities that have smoking bans, another clear act of government intervention from those who claim to abhor, government intervention. Trying to track the logic only makes my head hurt.

That’s Why They are Called Theories…

News came out this week that a large number of Neuroscience studies are probably based on bad statistics and that the Reinhart-Rogoff paper, “Growth in a Time of Debt,” is factually incorrect. For those who study science or closely watch science these reports aren’t a surprise. Too many in the field of science forget that even the most proven of facts can be disproven with new evidence or insights. Unfortunately the general public are far too often taken in by these “facts” rather than being told the truth, many of these studies are only strongly supported theories and have the potential to be disproven. Even worse, many are not even strongly supported, but because they are peer-reviewed and rom scientists they are accepted at face value. Compounding this problem are politicians that glam on to any half-baked study that supports their own world view. Whenever I discuss scientific studies or use them in an argument I try to remember to say the current theory and studies suggest …..




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