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Scalzi- Flying Snowman

Updated December 30, 2011.

A link to a recent post by John Scalzi called Flying Snowman.

I have discussed this idea with many a friend and relative over the holidays. One point continually cropped up. A point that I would like to add to John Scalzi’s fine analysis.

In a written work, the story can be moving along at a great clip, maintaining your zest for further investigation; and then suddenly lose you because  a specific idea or scene is less well conceived or written. In Movies and TV, tho same idea can play out because of bad acting, or a scene not fitting with the overall ensemble. Many books/stories/movies/shows l suffer from this flaw in execution. They either fail to initiate the suspicion of disbelief from the beginning or maintain it throughout. In the case where a reader or viewer begins with their suspension of disbelief intact, and ha sit shattered, I would argue does not qualify for a “Flying Snowman” comment. The old TV saying “Jumped the Shark” would fit tho situation more appropriately. Otherwise, in the case where something is well written, acted, or executed, I for one think the phrase “Flying Snowman” fits perfectly.




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